CSDMG is well placed to deliver the ongoing public interest as required by Scottish Government/SNH.

Maintenance of low deer densities, together with monitoring of habitat and deer utilisation, has supported the ecological public interest actions.

In order to continue to deliver the public interest, CSDMG members will need to apply annually over the period of this DMP for authorisation to shoot deer out of season and at night.

A major challenge for CSDMG for the term of this DMP and beyond will be resourcing the implementation, monitoring and quantifying of resulting benefits.

With relatively low deer densities across CSDMG range, collaboration with neighbouring landholdings and DMGs over managing the ingress of deer will be a further challenge.

CSDMG recognises the need to meet a number of priorities over the term of this DMP:

  • It is important that the initiative by CNPA to agree a collaborative DMP covering Atholl, Wildland Ltd, Mar Lodge and other neighbouring properties is successful. CSDMG will focus on this initiative.
  • There is willingness from the owners/managers over 15% of CSDMG range not currently engaging in habitat monitoring/management to engage. A means will be sought to include these landholdings.
  • CSDMG will improve its communication with local communities and stakeholders. The web site (www.speyside-deermanagement.com) is a first step which will be built upon.
  • The use of CSDMG members’ larder data for input to FES’ Wildlife Management System and resulting management information will be consolidated and formalised.